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.>The.ighest.oncentration of these restaurants were in the West, followed by industrial cities on the Eastern Seaboard, with the lowest number of restaurants per person located in the southern states. 16 In Brazil, restaurants varieties mirrors the multitude of countries that arrived in the country: Japanese, “Arab” Lebanese, German, Italian, Portuguese and many more. Prior to being referred to as “restaurants” these eating establishments assumed regional names such as “eating house” in New York City, “rest orator” in Boston, or “victualling house” in other areas. By the end of the century there were other luxury restaurants at the Grand-Palais: hurl, the convert Espagnol; Février; the garotte flamande; vary, Massa and the café Les charters still open, now the Grand velour. 10 arisen amen restaurant in Nanjing . The primary factors are usually the food itself e.g. vegetarian, seafood, steak ; the cuisine e.g. Beyond this, restaurants may differentiate themselves on factors including speed see fast food, formality, location, cost, service, or novelty themes such as automated restaurants . More recently Internet sites have started up that publish both food critic reviews and popular reviews by the public. Restaurant guides review restaurants, often ranking them or providing information to guide consumers type of food, handicap accessibility, facilities, etc.. West argues that there is a direct correlation between the growth of the restaurant businesses and institutions of theatrical stage drama, gambling and prostitution which served the burgeoning merchant middle class during the Song dynasty. 13 Restaurants catered to different styles of cuisine, price brackets, and religious requirements. In some restaurants, such as workplace cafeterias, there are no waiters; the customers use trays, on which they place cold items that they select from a refrigerated container and hot items which they request from cooks, and then they pay a cashier before they sit down. Restaurants with stars in the Michelin guide are formal, expensive establishments; in general the more stars awarded, the higher the prices.

There.s often a relatively large immigrant representation, reflecting both the relatively low start-up costs of the industry thus making restaurant ownership an option for immigrants with relatively few resources and the cultural importance of food. Simple steps can be taken to improve sanitation in restaurants. The most common kind of violations of inspection reports are those concerning the storage of cold food at appropriate temperatures, proper sanitation of equipment, regular hand washing and proper disposal of harmful chemicals. Restaurants can require a minimum party 5 and charge a higher flat fee. 6 Because of the demand on the kitchen's facilities, chef's tables are generally only available during off-peak times. 7 In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, thermopolia singular thermopolium were small restaurant-bars that offered food and drinks to customers . After eating, the customers then pay the bill. “Chef's table” redirects here. “Restaurant for People” sign, Shigatse, Tibet. 1993 In China, food catering establishments which may be described as restaurants were known since the 11th century in Kaifeng, China's capital during the first half of the Song dynasty 960–1279. The primary factors are usually the food itself e.g. vegetarian, seafood, steak ; the cuisine e.g.

The added cost was not made known to customers beforehand and was falsely billed as being mandated by the government, she said. Owners claim it is in response to the wage hike that went into effect this month. But legal experts say there is no basis for the surcharge. The minimum wage in San Diego increased on Sunday from $10.50 to $11.50 an hour, per a law passed by the City Council and ratified by voters last June. The new figure is above what's required statewide, including neighboring cities. "Some diners are surprised to learn that they're being charged as much as 3.5 percent above and beyond what the prices on the menu indicate," Elliott said at a news conference. "Many of these diners did not learn of this so-called surcharge - which is not mandated by any governmental entity - until they received their check," Elliott said. "At that point, of course, it was too late to send the food back." The City Attorney's Office declined to divulge how many complaints were received, but revealed that more than a dozen establishments could be subjected to an investigation for false advertising under the state Business and Professions Code. Business owners have had ample time to think through the ramifications of the minimum wage law's ramifications and make necessary lawful adjustments, Elliott said. She said they should consult with their attorneys on how to present the extra charges to customers. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, well-known eateries like the Bali Hai, Tom Ham's Lighthouse, the Brigantine and those in the Cohn Restaurant Group - including The Prado and Corvette Diner - have added surcharges. Stephen Zolezzi, president of the Food & Beverage Association of San Diego County - which advises restaurants on labor costs - told the newspaper that around 30 restaurateurs planned to add a surcharge. "These are mandated increases to the cost of doing business that we have absolutely no control over," Zolezzi said. Assistant City Attorney John Hemmerling said he hasn't noticed "any collusion or conspiracy" among restaurant owners to levy the surcharge. On Thursday, the California Restaurant Association issued a statement regarding the surcharges in San Diego. Their statement included the following: "To adapt to wage increases, restaurants around the state have either raised menu prices, reduced employees' hours, reduced their own hours of operation, or adopted a surcharge or, in some cases, eliminated tipping and are now using a service charge. San Diego is not alone in this challenge and restaurants are not the first business to use a surcharge -- many hotels and transportation providers also use a surcharge." Whatever avenue each business chooses as a way to survive into the coming years, restaurants in San Diego and in every city want to be around for a long time to come." The city's consumer hotline at (619) 533-5600 operates weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Complaints can also be filed online at . Updated: Friday, January 6 2017 2:33 AM EST2017-01-06 07:33:22 GMT A Cuban national pleaded guilty Thursday in San Diego federal court to harboring 44 undocumented immigrants at her City Heights residence.