Practical Concepts For Smart Designs Systems

Believe it or not, but solid colon poncho or cape can ideally fit any kind of outfit, no matter if it's casual or formal. I gathered my favourite designs to try next 2016. You can wear two prints that repeat the same colons or mix a large-scale pattern with a smaller one. We are a company that specializes in manufacturing and export of medical/industrial uniforms, shorts, heavy/fleece jackets, robes, sweaters and some a... >> more Go for a dress with a defined waist and just-above-the-knee hem. 11. 11. Ltd. made it’s first step by Frank Zhuang. Does that piece from your “archive” really work now? But a wardrobe of less formal toppers will help you look pulled together even on casual days. This time I want to draw your attention to biker style leather jackets.

Build a relationship with a tailor or dressmaker who knows your body and your taste and you'll never look back. 35. 35. They are often made of thick material, making you feel warm when you throw them on. They are available in loads of shapes, cuts, patterns and colons. It's the ultimate accessory according to a host of the best-dressed women we interviewed. Go for a dark turquoise blazer and pair it with color-blocking top and purple pleated ankle-length trousers complimented with metallic silvery slip-ons. © 2016 condo East. A garment's lining is often a designer's calling card, and a good way to judge quality.