An Essential Breakdown Of Root Factors In Culinary Strategies

Inside Kalustyan's Specialty Food Store, NYC's Disney World Of Food: Gothamist

Freezer cases hold Middle Eastern and South Asian snacks, vegetables used in Middle Eastern cooking like baby okra and double-peeled favas, fruit purees and Indian desserts like kulfi. The store also sells a few halal meats, including quail, squab and rabbit. It has no pork products but does stock items like lamb merguez and Lebanese beef sausage. Its kitchen has also expanded and produces even more than the old, impressive array of tabbouleh, dolma, hummus, mujaddara, falafel, chutneys, preserves and pickles. Not everything is ethnic, however. The molecular gastronomy aisle includes gelatins and pectins and curing and citric salts as well as cheesemaking supplies - everything from meat glue to butter powder to vinegar powders, Abramson says. With all the interest in mixology, she is also constantly adding new products for cocktails. (Photo by Marco Poggio for Voices of NY) Increasingly, though, she is investing in more locally produced products with foreign-to-America flavors, such as the Essiespice line from Princeton made by a Ghanaian immigrant and the Momofuku array from David Chang.

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